Friday, July 6, 2012

What state do you live in? -Denial.

This blog is inspired by Calvin & Hobbes and is my attempt to describe my life in ways that make everyone desperately jealous and want to move to Dayton, OH, just to experience them with me.

In my two weeks in Dayton, I've been told countless times that no one knows how they ended up in Dayton, but once here, they never wanted to leave. My mind immediately flashes back to Cookout, Cheerwine, Bojangles, the Outer Banks, blueberry wheat beers at Top of the Hill, the blue ridge parkway, tire swings and rope swings and all the other staples of my former life in the south that I miss so much. I wonder if I'll stay long enough in Ohio to find its little wonders.

In the spirit of being positive, I've been making a list of the things I like so far:
  • the friendly welcome I get everywhere I go
  • looking at the twinkling antenna towers as you drive south on I-75 into Dayton at night
  • watching fireworks over the river
  • watching thunderstorms roll in from my front porch
  • corn fields
  • the abundance of froyo
  • Bill's Donuts on a Saturday morning (this could become a tradition)
  • climbing the tree in my front yard
  • getting lost on my morning run and finding my way back
  • Dairy Queen in the freezer at work
  • the 6,000-piece puzzle in the kitchen at work
  • getting sweet and hilarious letters from friends
  • pen-palling with my favorite 8-year-old (well she hasn't written back yet...)
More later! 

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