Friday, August 3, 2012


I realized yesterday that I want to get an A in my job. I've been conditioned since I was 10 years old to work for a grade, and measure my effort by the grade. Since they were so motivating for me, I find myself missing graded evaluation at work. I'm kind of insecure about my job performance anyway (friends can attest to the fact I thought I was doing a mediocre job at my summer internship last year ... when it turned out my editors were very pleased). But the job is going really well, and I got good feedback on my first six weeks from my bosses, so I'm excited to keep improving in all areas. 

Here's a look at my last two weekends in pictures:

Pre-Road Trip Anticipation Face ... at 1 a.m.

Amish Country! In Goshen, IN

Mt. Baldy! Never thought Lake Michigan would remind me so much of the Outer Banks

atop of Mt Baldy, all covered in sand, I lost my poor meatball...

Balloon launch at the Elkhart County Fair

We enjoyed this beautiful sunset from the ferris wheel. 

Mom came up for a delightful weekend visit last weekend.

One of the fanciest restaurants in town sent me this gift card for starting my new job. So Mom and I went there when she visited me. 

Say goodbye to productivity. 

Suspenders! Someone who shares my appreciation for them. 

Two cheese coneys from Skyline... not really my favorite actually. 

Really cute jewelry at 2nd Street Market. 

Delicious brunch from 2nd Street Market. 

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