Monday, March 25, 2013

WTF: Weather That's (not really that) Funny

Today in Dayton the weather and the calendar got in a fight and the weather won. 
Hence why it is March 25th and there is eight inches of snow on the ground. 

So in protest I joined forces with the calendar and decided to picket the weather in my front yard. 

Fair weather for all!! No more winter!!

Weather: 1. Olivia: 0

But seriously. The sun should not be allowed to discriminate based on race, or gender, or socioeconomic status, or geographic location! We demand affirmative action. Florida should be required to donate four out of every seven sunny days to Ohio (sorry to all you pharmacists moving to West Palm Beach this summer). 

I am thoroughly worn out from winter. We had a tease a few weeks ago with a Sunday in the 60s and I made full use of it with a 26 mile bike ride adventure extraordinaire, which involved a lot of asking for directions, a half pitcher of margaritas, fried ice cream, breaking in getting permission from the owner to "drag" race on the Kilkare Speedway on bikes, and sitting on a pillow for the next week. 

But, I am a true Southerner, and I can't help but get a little excited about the winter spring wonderland snowpacalypse, so I rallied the troops for one last (Do you HEAR that, weather? This is the LAST time) sledding adventure at Community Golf Course. 

The snow was wet and the hill was pretty trampled, but we found a good spot for some clean runs. Our side of the hill crossed over the paved golf cart path near the top, so it leveled off for three feet before plunging downward again. To make things even more exciting, we built a little jump into the path. If you hit the jump with the right speed and angle, you could get three feet of air and what felt like two seconds of hang time. 

Weather: 0. Olivia-and-the-spirit-of-adventure: 1.

I also was struck by how picturesque and American my neighbor's house is, especially as the snow continued to fall all day. 

I just desperately want to throw some red shutters on there or something.

More later! Sorry for the blogging hiatus! 

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