Saturday, November 16, 2013

What's your idea?

In the spirit of Ignite Innovation week, which is happening across Dayton this week, I have a question for you. What do you notice about these three pictures? 

They are simple, odd, iconic city-center sculptures that for some reason, attract THOUSANDS of people to them, just to smile and pose in front of. You haven't been to Chicago if you haven't checked out The Bean, and how can you say you went to Amsterdam if you didn't climb all over the "I Amsterdam" sign? 

Dayton needs something like this. A larger than life, obnoxiously mass-appealing piece of public art that's a blatant bid for tourists to come downtown and pose in front of. 

This is just one of many ideas that have struck me in the year and a half I've lived in Dayton. I'm surprised it took this long. My brain is an idea machine, and when presented with opportunities to improve something, its gears start humming. 

OK this is a pretty pathetic Paint-job, but you get the idea. How easy would it be to put a cool piece of art downtown that would draw in thousands, and inspire Dayton pride? 

What's your idea? Let me know. 

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